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Tremor Video’s Chief Technology Officer Responds to Methbot

Fri, Dec. 23, 2016 | By: John Walsh


Tremor Video has been deeply committed to eliminating fraudulent activity—because when our ecosystem is clean, we all win.

We have been prepared for events like today’s “methbot” news, which it appears our anti-fraud systems successfully blocked by 99.8%.

Our platforms build in safety measures the same way airplanes are constructed: redundancy is key. Layers of protection ensure reliability of our overall systems. 

Tremor Video’s Anti-Fraud Redundancy includes:

  • Deep partnerships with third party verification vendors, such as Moat, IAS, Pixalate, and DoubleVerify, that eliminate bot fraud, site fraud, and contextual fraud. DoubleVerify bot fraud protection is included on all campaigns served through the Tremor Video buyer platform.
  • Server-to-server API integrations + pre-bid analysis: With DoubleVerify and IAS, our technology can analyze each unique bid request prior to making a bid, so we immediately block non-human traffic and fraudulent content across all supply sources.
  • Post-bid analysis: Pixalate and Forensiq integration analyzes fraud levels on all impressions across all devices.

Finally, our technology employs one last checkpoint: a human touch. All of our inventory is vetted by a team of people dedicated to finding the best—and safest—deals, so you don’t have to worry when news like today’s crosses your desk.

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