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Tremor Video Unleashes its Inner Hero

Mon, Dec. 19, 2016 | By: Katie Rogers

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What goes into building a powerful demand side platform? Some say it takes a village. At Tremor Video, we think it takes a super squad.

We believe that a product is only as strong as the team that builds it. And with 8-10 software updates a year, our platform continues to keep pace with an evolving video landscape and mounting industry expectations. Each release has accordingly been named after an iconic hero that displays exceptional skill and unwavering resolve. This theme is fitting because it accurately reflects the power of both our product and our people.

  • Ant Man, April 2016
  • Batman, June 2016
  • Captain America, Aug. 2016
  • Deadpool, Oct. 2016
  • Elastigirl, Nov. 2016

We may not be saving the world, but we are giving buyers more choice and more control — with the power to improve performance for all video ad campaigns. And with our own team of Tremor Video Avengers, we feel ready to conquer any and all programmatic perils we encounter.

Introducing the Guardians of the DSP
With 10+ years of video expertise, our League of Extraordinary Engineers has skillfully developed a powerful pure-play video software for buyers. In this Engineering Spotlight, we want to recognize one of the heroes that has helped build our super platform.

Gregor Hanuschak: Master of Disguise
Times Square is home to many costumed characters — but did you know that eight floors above the iconic selfie-stick sanctuary, Tremor Video has its own caped crusader?

Gregor Hanuschak, Product Manager for the Buyer Platform, celebrates platform milestones by personifying the title character for each release. He dresses up in full costume — spending the entire day donning each character’s signature mask and cape. I sat down with him to learn more about the platform release process and his “super” role on the team.

Gregor Captain America

Creating a New Tradition

How did your team come up with the superhero theme?
We wanted to do something that was unique and fun for everyone involved. The “release 1.29.1” just wasn’t doing it for us.

How do you decide on each name/hero?
We started with a superhero that began with “A” (i.e. “Antman”), next release “B”, next release “C”, etc. A survey goes out to all the developers and QA to take suggestions for which superheroes to put on a ballot, then everyone gets to vote on which they like the best.

Would you ever consider walking around Times Square dressed in costume?
I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but it probably wouldn’t be fun unless other Tremor Video colleagues did it with me. I think I might be able to convince the Marketing team to join... They were all on board for the Elastigirl release. Check out their “Incredible” team Halloween costume.

Marketing team Elastigirl costumes

Building a Powerful Platform

How many time zones come together for each release?
We have Product team members all across the globe. There are DSP developers in Boston, NYC, and Singapore, and on occasion, we’ll also work with the mobile team in California.  Having teams on exact opposite sides of the planet can be challenging at times (12 hour time difference can occasionally mean meetings at 1 in the morning), but it’s also great to have engineers working on problems continuously for 120 hours per week (Monday morning Singapore time through close of business on Friday on the East Coast).

Which updates are you most proud of or most excited about?
That’s a hard question since I’m very proud of many things our data science, development, and QA teams have worked on.My favorite however has to be our “Dynamic Budget Allocation” (DBA) feature. This is something that’s unique to Tremor Video and makes life much easier for advertisers.

Advertisers often set up advertising “placements,” each with a different advertising strategy. DBA looks at all their placements and automatically shifts budgets from poorly performing strategies to well performing strategies. This is great because it saves advertisers time! They no longer have to monitor the placements constantly and move budgets around manually… awesome stuff!

Getting to Know Gregor

What would you consider to be your “super” power? (Any hidden talents/skills?)
Another great question! I have many super powers.I’m a former engineer (and a nerdy one at that), so I know how to build stuff. I’ve built musical instruments (including a Theremin), robots, and satellites that were launched into space. I even know how to use a protractor.

I’m also musically inclined. I’ve played the piano professionally at restaurants, country clubs, private parties, retirement homes, and Nordstrom department stores. I sing (although some say it’s more of a whine), write music, and know how to play five instruments. I founded three rock bands, completed three albums of original music, and have two music videos. 

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