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Super Bowl MVP? The Ads Take It!

Thu, Feb. 09, 2017 | By: Alexis Peschiera


Everybody’s got a favorite Super Bowl ad, but what advertisers really want to know is whether those ads worked. 

There are many ways to track ad performance, and at Tremor Video, we employ all types of metrics on campaigns to understand the effectiveness of ads across our platforms. 

To gain a broader insight into the impact of Super Bowl LI’s ads, we tapped into our proprietary consumer panel. Right after the big game ended, we launched a short survey to find out what, if any, ad-related actions they took. 

Way Beyond Watching, Viewers Take Action
We all know the ads are a draw, but how closely are people watching? And are they taking what they saw and doing something with it—re-watching, researching products/brands, or even posting on social media? Brands want their ads to extend past those precious seconds they play on the screen. For all the effort and expense, the ads need to live beyond the game. 

  • Roughly 40% of Super Bowl viewers took an ad-related action.
    • Second-screening is big: 68% of those engagements happened while viewers were watching the live game.
  • Probability of taking an action went down with age.
    • 56% of Millennials took action, compared to 25% of Boomers who took action.

Show Me the Replay—of the Ad, That Is
Of all the actions we examined, re-watching was the most popular. To us, this suggests that when ads are done right—leveraging the full power of sight, sound, and motion—viewers will watch them again and again. When you create a real connection, viewers are inspired to do more than just wait for the ad to finish. They are engaged, paying attention, and even want to watch again.

Beyond simply re-watching the ads, many viewers took additional actions as well. We found generational differences in the actions viewers took.

  • One out of three Millennials posted on social media, twice as high as the older generations.
  • GenX was much more likely to look up a brand or product online than the other generations. 


 Women Share, But Men Engage More Deeply
In last week’s post, we saw differences in the reasons men and women had planned to watch the game. This week, we see another difference in how they engaged with ads.

  • Women were more likely to take some kind of ad-related action.
    • Women: 43%
    • Men: 37%
  • But men were far more engaged with the advertising, taking an average of two actions, while women tended to take only a single action.



 Great Creative + “Event TV” = Touchdown!
The Super Bowl is of course the biggest event of the year for advertisers, and this year did not disappoint. Viewers are conditioned to know that they’ll see advertisers’ best efforts, and many viewers do make it a point to watch this event live.

We see that when the creative is strong, even if shown to a mass audience, it works. Getting 40% of viewers to take an action is no small feat. What’s more, it seems that when done right, advertising can be additive to an experience, not just interruptive or negative.

We’re excited to see these results, as they solidify a lot of the things we think about on a daily basis. Video advertising underpins so much of the content and experiences that consumers love, and we should hold it to high standards. When we do, it makes an impact, and everybody wins.


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