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Soaring Past Viewability Benchmarks

Tue, Jan. 24, 2017 | By: Katie Rogers


Viewability seems to be the perennial hot topic in the ad industry, and for good reason. It’s a key driver for ad performance—crucial to both buyers and sellers of video ads. What good is an ad that can’t be seen? Viewability is not only a metric for success but is now often considered table stakes (rightfully so, if you ask us!). With so much riding on digital campaigns, brands and buyers want confirmation that the viewability numbers they’re getting are reliable, which is where third-party verification comes in.

At Tremor Video, we partner with all of the industry’s leading third-party verification vendors, so our clients can rest assured that viewability reporting is accurate. In fact, we’re proud to say that not only do we deliver verified real-time viewability measurement and optimization—but our real-time optimization is proven to drive strong viewability performance across screens. 

The proof? Take a look at our Q3 average viewability results, and compare to Moat’s Q3 benchmarks:

Tremor Video beats Moat viewability benchmarks



How does it work?
Tremor Video is the first and only video platform to create a direct-to-VPAID integration with Moat. By allowing our optimization algorithm to key directly off of third-party viewability signals in real time, our platform has a better sense of which impressions are likely to be viewable at each bid request, unlike others who are using historic information to predict viewability. Instead of basing our buying decisions off of pre-bid data, which tends to be stale and is not tailored to a specific client or campaign, we use the freshest data to infer what will happen with that specific impression.

It’s clear that viewability isn’t going away. In fact, it’s becoming the new currency for video advertising. Performance matters, and now, more than ever, buyers and sellers are expecting to see results across all screens.

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