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Sling TV Programmatic Milestone a Slam Dunk for Advertisers


Update: Be sure to check out the coverage in MediaPost for more on this story! 

March 2017 represented a milestone in programmatic advertising. For the very first time, brands could buy a distributor’s premium live TV impressions in a real-time auction, and have their ads run during the must-watch NCAA tournament and surrounding sports coverage.  At Tremor Video, we’re thrilled to be the first supply-side platform to make this historic offering possible.  

We’ve been quietly working with Sling TV as the service’s supply-side platform to refine its integration into the programmatic world, and the response has been remarkable.

“Because of this new paradigm, the NCAA tournament brought with it a 51 percent jump in programmatic sales for Sling TV,” reports Adam Lowy, General Manager of Advanced TV, Digital & Analytics with DISH Media Sales.

As TV continues to shift toward digital, the $72 billion television advertising marketplace is converging with the $12 billion digital and video advertising marketplace*. Now sitting at this exciting intersection are Sling TV and Tremor Video. For digital ad buyers, it opens up a new inventory bucket: live TV.

“Through our partnership with Tremor Video, we’ve now worked with thousands of advertisers that are swiftly embracing real-time access to the largest screen in the house,” said Lowy. “The momentum started with the NCAA tournament, and now the next TV moment is upon us – the NBA Playoffs.”

Sling TV offers brands the full-screen viewability and quality content of traditional TV with no digital bots, no ad blockers, and nothing below the fold.

Tremor Video works with innovators like Sling TV to monetize video inventory for content creators and distributors of all stripes. We’re proud to mark this industry-first milestone with our partners at Sling TV, bringing live streaming, premium TV ad inventory to the programmatic space. As digital and television budgets evolve, we’ve created a new way for marketers to buy trusted content.

Demand-side platforms that currently access Sling TV impressions through Tremor Video include Adobe Advertising Cloud, DataXu, Google DBM, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Turn, VideoAmp, and Videology.

*source: eMarketer June 2016

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