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Powerful conversations at IAB Brasil Branding & Performance

Last week, IAB Brasil hosted an engaging and informative event, the Branding & Performance conference here in São Paulo. The focus of the event was to bring industry leaders together to address the future of digital advertising. Tremor Video had a strong presence at the event, and I had the privilege of hosting a panel session.



At our panel, “The Challenges of Measuring Cross-Platform,” we examined a critical industry issue that affects just about everyone in the space. I was happy to have smart, insightful panelists join me on stage:

Brian Crotty, VP of Media at AlmapBBDO

Sonia Leme, Consultant and former media planner at Unilever

José Calazans, Consultant at Nielsen

I focused our discussion around Five Guiding Principles of Digital Measurement:

  1. Viewability: How do we move to a “viewable impressions” standard and count real exposures online?
  2. GRPs and the importance of having a common metric for TV and video: Is it feasible to introduce an online Gross Rating Point metric, providing reach and frequency reporting of viewable impressions?
  3. Combatting fraud: Because all ad units are not created equal, we must create a transparent classification system.
  4. Metrics that matter: Determining interactivity “metrics that matter” for brand marketers, so they can better evaluate online tactics’ contributions to brand building.
  5. Total comparison: Digital media measurement must become increasingly comparable and integrated with other media. 

These prompts made for a lively discussion, and our panelists brought to light different perspectives that all impact how these issues will be addressed. It’s exciting to see players from across the industry working together toward common goals that benefit the entire advertising ecosystem.

Beyond our session, we heard so many great speakers at the conference. My top takeaways from the event as a whole are: 

Common currency: We have to establish a currency for video the same way a currency was established for TV. This currency should provide media buyers with a comprehensive view of their investments. This is no easy task. As new formats emerge they add further opportunities and challenges, such as the skinny bundles from players like Hulu, Sling TV, and Direct TV. These offerings combine deep libraries with live TV, while adding a layer of on-demand capabilities.

Deeper video analytics: While a common currency is critical, deeper and broader metrics are also important. Just as the industry should figure out a way of delivering reliable reach and frequency metrics for video, engagement metrics such as viewability, time spent, and engagement should be applied to pay and live TV as well.

Industry leadership: The evolution of measurement benefits all sides, but it seems that the end-clients—that is, media buyers and advertising agencies—can truly wield their influence to push the measurement agenda.


Thanks again to IAB Brasil for putting together. I look forward to continuing the conversation about Branding & Performance with the digital advertising community here in in São Paulo and beyond!


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