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Summer Olympics 2016

Fri, Jul. 15, 2016 | By: Tremor Video

80% of Americans plan on watching some portion of the Olympic Games this summer

  • Medal events and the Opening Ceremony draw generate the strongest interest
    • Men are more interested in medal events (68% vs. 60% of women)

The majority of viewing is expected to take place on weekends and during prime time

  • The majority (83%) of viewers say they'll watch the games live on broadcast TV, but compared to the total audience, millennials are 50% more likely to watch live through websites that don't require authentication, and 64% more likely to watch live through social media platforms

Capture1 Q: When do you plan to watch Olympic events?

The drama of the games draws in the crowd -- a third of viewers say that they follow issues around the games being in Rio more closely than the games

  • Half of viewers (49%) say the background stories of athletes draws them into the games and events; this is strongly driven by women (53% vs 42% of men)

To watch Olympics content, viewers watch on a variety of websites and apps, predominantly on their computer

Capture3 Q: How do you watch Olympic clips, highlights, and features? Please select the type of site and on which device you watch video.

2 in 5 viewers multi-task while watching major sporting events like the Olympics

  • 42% use another connected device while watching
  • 35% say they don't really pay attention at all while watching the games
  • 36^ say they use other connected devices throughout the entirety of the games, not just commercial breaks
  • 76% do some activity on a mobile device while watching
    • Millennials are also 55% more likely than the total audience to watch non-Olympics video content on their mobile device while watching the games on TV

Capture2 Q: What activities do you do on your mobile device while watching live broadcasts like the Olympics?


Source: Tremor Video Playback Panel, "Summer Olympics", among 266 adults 18-64 who watch digital video at least once a week.

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