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Oscar Night 2016

Fri, Feb. 26, 2016 | By: admin

Every year, Hollywood’s best and brightest get together for a celebration known as much for its merit as it is for its fashions and controversy. While viewership may have declined over the past years, engagement with the Oscars is stronger than ever – from video views online, to social media posts, digital has strengthened the impact the Oscars have on our pop culture.

While the majority plans to watch, but roughly one-third of consumers aren’t interested

  • Watching live on TV is the most common viewing method, but millennials are 71% more likely to live stream the event via the app compared to the general population
  • The smaller screen captures audiences during lulls – 62% of viewers say they use their smartphones during big award shows – that jumps to 80% among millennials
    • And viewers are turning to social media to see what’s trending – this is particularly prevalent among millennials

Social Media Q: Which of the following social media activities do you do during major broadcasts like the Oscars?

Consumers are watching because of the stars and their fashions

  • Two-thirds of consumers haven’t seen any of the best movie nominees, but they watch to see their favorite actors dress up
  • However, that doesn’t stop consumers from having a favorite actor – Leo leads the pack with 41% of viewers thinking he should win (even though only 16% have seen the film)

ReasonsToWatch Q: People have different reasons for watching awards shows, like the Oscars. Below are a few possible reasons that you watch. Please select the five most motivating reason for watching the Oscars.

Digital video extends the impact of the Oscars

  • Before the Oscars even starts, 45% of viewers will go online and do Oscar-related research
  • After the event is over, 42% of viewers indicate that they search for clips and highlights of the show

ClipsOscars Q: What types of Oscar-related clips do you look for? You may select multiple types.


Source: Tremor Video, Playback Panel, "The Oscars", among 301 adults 18-64 who watch digital video, February 12-17, 2016.

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