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The Big Game Breaks out of the Big Screen

Mon, Feb. 08, 2016 | By: Tremor Video

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From die-hard football fans, to the friends and family members dragged along to Super Bowl parties, the game is expected to attract the highest concentration of live viewers for any broadcast this year. From the half-time show to highly anticipated ads, the Super Bowl is more than just the game.


Super Bowl’s live ads are perceived as highly entertaining; they’re a great vehicle for brand awareness reinforcement, but the high-price tag of the live placement doesn’t necessarily yield higher purchase. Two-third of consumers think Super Bowl ads are highly memorable and they still remember without being prompted the Budweiser Puppy Love ad and the Doritos ad that ran last year.


Q: Which ad do you remember most from last year's Super Bowl? Q: Which ad do you remember most from last year's Super Bowl?


Although football fans and millennials are the consumers who are most likely to be influenced by ads (27% and 24% respectively), most people (83%) won’t increase their purchase of the advertised brand after seeing a spot.


That said, it was clear that digital played a critical role in brands’ Super Bowl strategies last night

  • Top advertisers maintained a strong presence across screens
    • Automotive, Food & Beverage, and Entertainment were among the top buyers of impressions during the Super Bowl as well as top advertisers on the live broadcast
    • Retailers, who didn’t have as strong of a broadcast presence, seemed to focus efforts on digital to maintain a share of voice


Brands were strategic about their impressions

  • Auto had a strong, sustained digital presence between 2PM and 11:59PM digital
  • Food and beverage peaked before the game (at 4PM), during half time (in the 8PM hour), and immediately after the game (at the 11PM hour)
  • Web & Tech – a major player on Super Bowl’s live broadcast – similarly pumped up their digital presence, with high impression volumes immediately before the game up until half-time


Tremor Video, Seller Platform, Feb. 7, 2016 Tremor Video, Seller Platform, Feb. 7, 2016


Source: Playback Panel, "Super Bowl 50", Among 382 adults 18-64, February 2016; Tremor Video Seller Platform, February 7, 2016.

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