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Election 2016: Hot Topics

Fri, Nov. 20, 2015 | By: Tremor Video


Debate performance is important in helping people decide who they will vote for, but what they expect to hear from Democrats and Republicans differs.

Roughly three-fourths of consumers planned to watch the first Democratic debate; two-thirds planned on watching the third Republican debate. The most common way to watch is live on TV, but a fifth of viewers rely on online video clips they can watch the next day.


watchingdebate Q: The first Democratic Presidential debate will be taking place this coming Tuesday, October 13 on CNN. The third Republican Presidential debate will be taking place on Wednesday, October 28 on CNBC. Where do you plan to watch each of these events?


What viewers want to hear is fairly different by political party. From Democrats, they want to hear about gun control; while from Republicans, people want to understand plans for foreign policy and immigration.


Debatetopics Q: For the debate(s) that you plan to watch, what are the top 3 issues you want them to cover?


Younger viewers are also more interested in hearing candidates' plans on social issues: gun control, energy, education, and women's health. Older viewers seek to hear more about the economy and foreign relations topics, including immigration and foreign policy.


TopicsAge Q: For the debate(s) that you plan to watch, what are the top 3 issues you want them to cover?



Source: Tremor Video’s Playback Panel, Oct. 8–11, 2015. Among 457 adults 18–64 who regularly watch digital video.

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