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For a Better Video Ad Experience, Look to the Cloud

Fri, Dec. 23, 2016 | By: Tremor Video

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Slowly but surely, streaming video is taking over. According to research firm GfK MRI, 28 percent of TV viewing was conducted via digital streaming last year. Consumers, the company wrote, are "checking out more—and different—content, and ultimately watching more."

The increase in digital streaming brings an increase in ads of the same vein, which is good news for ad buyers, but something is still impeding our ability to connect with video viewers: Video ads are simply too slow.

On the desktop web, consumers are turning to ad blockers partly out of frustration with site pages slowed by video ads. This year, HubSpot surveyed users on their motives for installing ad blockers and found that 36 percent were driven by slow load times and bandwidth usage. "If an ad takes too long to load, it negatively affects both the website that hosts the ad and the advertiser," HubSpot wrote.

It's a similar story on mobile. "We feel the data is very clear that mobile users expect speed and that they will not wait around if things are slow," Jonathan Bellack, Google's director of product management for publisher platforms, recently told Adweek. That data, according to a report from Google, says that more than 50 percent of smartphone users will abandon a mobile site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

It isn't easy to create a fast and seamless video viewing experience. Witness the video buffering snafus of 2016, including Taylor Swift's stalled Grammy Awards performance on CBS All Access and the technical difficulties surrounding ABC's live stream of the final Democratic presidential debate. Speed and quality are of paramount importance when it comes to streaming video, and consumers don't just expect it from the content they seek out, but from video ads as well. When streaming video fails, it puts brands at risk of losing potential customers and creates a negative impression of video advertising across the board.

What, then, can sellers do to ensure that their video advertising makes the grade? The answer lies in the cloud.

Brands are increasingly relying on cloud-based marketing, which Ad Age has called "powerful, accessible and better-connected." Organizations also use the cloud for storage, with IT resource IDG Enterprise reporting that 70 percent of companies already have at least one application in the cloud. Now, ad buyers and sellers can leverage the cloud for video advertising as well.

With Tremor Video's supply side platform (SSP) tech stack, all video ad activity takes place within the cloud to increase ad serving speeds and reduce connection latency, along with related issues like stream degradation. Server-to-server integration with DSPs lets buyers create a frictionless video viewing experience. That leads to reduced abandonment rates, creates greater value for buyers, boosts ad revenue for sellers, and leaves viewers with a better perception of video advertising overall.

With this fast and reliable video ad serving solution at their disposal, buyers are better equipped to meet consumers' rising streaming video expectations. That, in turn, provides the improved video ad experience sellers, brands, and their customers are all looking for.

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