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Creating an Effective Mobile Video Ad: Tremor Video research reveals five key elements based on largest study to date

Mon, Jul. 14, 2014 | By: Doron Wesly

What are the key ingredients to making the most effective mobile video ad?  Through the largest study of its kind to date, Tremor Video has identified 5 key factors that marketers and creative should considerin creating these ads.  Presented at the MMA CEO CMO Summit, these points are based on the analysis of more than 300 interactive video campaigns and deeper examination of 20 outliers.  Millward Brown tested each individual piece of creative with 150 consumers to gauge their receptiveness to each ad.

The result of this effort want revealed five foundations critical to creating effective mobile video ads:

  • Entice and Intrigue: Give consumers a taste of your brand so they have a reason to engage – meaning, start the story but don’t tell the whole story. This applies to both getting people to pay attention to the ad (completion rate) and encouraging them to interact (engagement rate). In fact, the results showed that high-performing mobile creative outperformed even TV benchmarks.
  • Bring Them In: Great design begins with visual appeal but it’s important to align design, technology and medium to strategically create engaging ad units. Don’t push consumers away from your ad with “tap-out” features in hopes that they’ll spend more time with your brand; let them stay in the video overlay and make the conscious decision to interact. Clear branding is not the enemy of creative success.
  • Symphony Not Noise: The ad should sing and flow like a story. Make sure the ad and the engaging overlay have a consistent theme and messaging throughout the layers of content. It's tempting to overload the ad unit by utilizing every tool in your belt, but too many messages, graphics and functions cause confusion and dilute the effectiveness of the ad experience.
  • Make Them Feel _______: Consumers have an emotional connection to their mobile devices so take advantage of that and create experiences that trigger an emotional response. The ads in this study generated more interest and excitement than we tend to see with TV or online video norms. Remember: emotion is the heart of why advertising works.
  • Catch the Moment: Mobile devices serve as a first-screen so much of the time, that it’s important to get people in the relevant moment. Find a way to keep consistent creative messaging across different platforms while leveraging the unique role of each device. Design for a diverse set of potential situations to make your own luck and not rely on happenstance.

Adopting these five foundations will help marketers and creative create mobile ads that are compelling, generate interest consumer and lead to greater adoption of their products.

As mobile viewing of content continues to grow, the ads that consumers see must evolve to engage them and motivate them to purchase products.  These five foundations are an effective tool to bring this idea to life.

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